Hawaii State Archives. Nancy Bannick Photograph Collection. Temples and Shrines File.  The collection includes photographs of temples and shrines that are no longer extant or have been altered since its original construction.


Hawaii Sugar Plantation Association Archives.  The archive donated to University of Hawaii Hamilton Library, contains construction documents, specifications for plantation labor housing and registers, including the following:


Apokaa Sugar Company, Ewa, Oahu, 1905-1936.

Hakalua Sugar Company

Hawaiian Agricultural Company

Hilo Coast Processing Company

Hawaiian Irrigation Company

Hamakua Mill Company

Hutchinson Sugar Company

Kaiwaiki Sugar Compnay

Kau Sugar Company

Kekua Sugar Company

Lihue Plantation Company

Laupahoehoe Sugar Company

Mauna Kea Sugar Company

Mcbryde Sugar Company

Onomea Sugar Company

Oahu Sugar Company

Pepeekeo Sugar Company

Pioneer Mill Company

Pacific Sugar Mill

Paauhau Sugar Company

Puna Sugar Mill Company

Apokaa Sugar Company

Ewa Plantation Company


Hego [Heigo] Fuchino Architectural Drawings.  Temples and Shrines Category.  The collection donated to the Hawaiian Collection, University of Hawaii Hamilton Library, contains architectural drawings of designed projects in Hawaii by Heigo Fuchino.


Kato-Tin-Sha [Kato Jinja] Temple

Waipahu Hongwanji Mission

Wahiawa Hongwanji Mission

Hokekyo-Ji Mission

Jodo Sect Mission

Todo [Jodo] Sect Mission Temple

Shingon-Shu Temple

Maui Daijin-gu Mission

Shinshu Kyokai Mission

Koto Hira [Kotohira] Jinsha Chapel

Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii

Izumo-Taisha Mission

Soto Sect Mission Temple

Inari Zinsha [Jinja] Temple

Dai Jingu Temple

Assembly Hall for Rev. Sakai

Moiliili Hongwanji (Preliminary sketch)

Pearl City Temple (Preliminary sketch)


Hilo Shingon Temple Photograph Collection. Holding the most complete collection of the historical photographs of the Shingon-shu.


Honpa Hongwanji Headquarters Archives.  Historical photograph collection of the Honpa Hongwanji. Included in this are over 100 photographs of non-existing temples of the Honpa Hongwanji.  The Honpa Hongwanji allowed these old photographs to be preserved through grant moneys from the Imin Shiryo Hozon Kai (1996) under the direction of the author. The 4x5 negatives are now being made available for public use at the Hamilton Library Hawaiian Collection.


Jodo Mission Library Archives.  Small collection of books and photographs of the Jodo-shu Headquarters.


Kauai Historical Society.  Kauai Churches File.  Includes Photograph Collection and Resource Profiles of significant churches and temples located on Kauai and Maui, as well as other resource materials regarding cultural, historical and architectural structures on Kauai and Maui. 


Koloa Tai Shido [Taishido] Mission

Koloa Hongwanji

Koloa Jodo

Hanapepe Zen Shuji

Kahului Hongwanji

Lahaina Hongwanji

Waimea Shingon Shrine

Waimea Higashi Hongwanji



Kona Historical Society Archives. Small Photograph collection of the temples of the island of Hawaii.


Lyman Museum Archives.  Photograph Collection. Temples and Shrine file.  The collection includes donated artifacts from temples.  Hilo, Hawaii.


Nippu Jiji Archives. Scenery of Hawaii Files.  Property of Dr. Dennis Ogawa, Professor of American Studies, Ethnic Studies. The author was allowed free access to the files and was allowed to make negatives and copies of photographs. Over 45 photographs of non-existent buildings were taken and used within this dissertation.


Soto Mission Ryusenji Temple Photograph Collection. A full photograph closed collection of the Soto Mission of Hawaii has been accumulated over the years beginning with the third priest Komagata and the present priest Haru Kumagata.




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Date of Survey

[Holualoa] Shingon Mission

(New and Old)


July 1973

Hakalau District


January 1974

Hamakua Jodo Mission


November 1973

Hawi Jodo Mission


June 1973

Hilo Hongwanji


January 1974

Holualoa Hongwanji Mission


December 1973

Honaunau Japanese Temple


October 1973

Honokaa Commercial District


April 1974

Honokaa Hongwanji Mission


June 1973

Honokaa Shingon Mission


November 1973

Honomu District


December 1973

Honomu District


February 1974

Honpa Hongwanji Mission

[Keokea Sub-Temple]


October 1973

Kapaau Jodo Mission


June 1973

Kaumana Hongwanji


January 1974



March 1974

Kealakekua Hongwanji


July 1973

Kohala Sugar District


June 1973

Kona District





July, October 1973

Koyasan Shingon Mission


November 1973

Kukuihaele District



Lower Paia Central District


March 1974

Ninole District


December 1973

Odashi [Odaishi] Temple


October 1973

Pahala District


October 1973

Puna Hongwanji Mission


December 1973



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